Mystery Day #1–Pulling Back

“And what I say to you, I say to you all: Keep awake.” –Mark 13: 37

It’s been a very full 10 days.  In many ways they have been exactly like every other: injustice exists and I go about my daily life.

In other ways, there’s nothing normal about them at all.  People are taking to the streets, engaging in daily conversation and debate about the sins and struggles that haunt our society, bearing witness EVERY day to SOME part of the injustices that rage on.

And it’s exhausting.  Everyone can feel it.  It’s exhausting to have your attention split in so many directions, to be tuned into the plight of others, to challenge your daily actions and inactions.  To question your every move and wrestle with every decision and, ultimately, end each day wondering:  Does any of this matter?  Will anything ever change, really?  Do we simply have to accept brokenness, darkness, injustice as a way of life?


If we allow ourselves to be defeated by such thoughts, then truly nothing changes.  None of the injustices suffered will have mattered…because the people who could have done something about it gave in to dark and depressing images, and went back to sleep.

This is the time of waiting, the time of expectation, the time of WAKING UP to what God is doing.  If you find yourself getting exhausted and used up by the raging injustice and suffering and ignorance that is all raging through this country….pull back.

twitter map

That’s a map of the twitter activity the night of the Darren Wilson verdict last Monday.  On a cold dark night when injustice seemed to have the last word…millions of little light bearers took to their phones, the world wide web, and the streets of their neighborhoods to spread light and pave the way for a brighter day.  It happened that night. It’s happened every night since.  Make this another night of holding on to light and spreading it where you can.

If it doesn’t seem like enough…if it doesn’t seem like it matters…accept the mystery of your one, fragile, beautiful life: You are a light bearer…and your light can be seen on even the darkest night.








Click here for an awesome light show.


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