The Expectant Season

Guys!  Big news!  I’m expecting!

photo (1)

That’s a candle of Hope.  I’ll be lighting it every day for the next 23 days.  It will be joined later on with candles of Peace, Love and Joy.

I’m not just lighting candles, although, Lord knows, that’s a powerful enough action to grab God’s attention.

 So say countless generations of believers throughout the world.  So say we all.

There’s also cleaning to be done.  Homes and offices to be re-arranged.  I went running this morning.  Voluntarily.  On purpose.

It was terrible.

For the first time in a long while, I have a plan for my budget…how I budget money, time, calories.

I have preparations to make because, as I said, I am expecting.  For the first time in a long while.

I just spent a week away, reconnecting and reuniting with Home.  There’s that saying “Home is where the heart is.”  Well…I actually think it’s harder than that.  Home, for me, has always been where my heart LIVES.  My heart always exists somewhere…but Home only happens when my heart is alive.  Remembering what it’s like to be alive has renewed my EXPECTATION for the future.  For my life.  For the world.

 There’s really nothing like spending time with family you haven’t seen in years, feeling that sense of immediate belonging, to remind you how the universe really works.

In a world of Scarcity, Love ABOUNDS.

For the first time in a long while, I desire to prepare myself to live into abundance.  To be ready to receive ALL that God has to give.

For the first time in a long while, I don’t want my options to be limited by my own fears, needs, REGRETS, peccadilloes.

I want access to ALL that God has to give.

So there is work to be done.  And this is a season of Preparation, Expectation, Work.  It’s the beginning of a New Year.

And God is doing a New Thing.

As often as possible, I will use this space to share images of what that preparation looks like, for me.

And the only reason to document any of this at all is because…you have Hopes too.  You desire things.  You either accept life the way it is, OR you hope for something more.

Maybe you expect something too.

And you’re not alone.

What does EXPECTANT look like for you?  Let the world know.  Because all of us are expecting something.

The only question is: Will you keep it to yourself, or empower others to journey with you?

The New Year starts now.


One thought on “The Expectant Season

  1. What a wonderful attitude. You’ve always had a great one. How can I possibly sense how much better it is now? You are absolutely gushing. I love you so much. See you later.

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