One Year Later…

Three weeks back in America….things are in progress.  I’m handling it, I think.  I think I will handle it.  I will handle it!

Do you like comic books?  I do.  At times, as a way of helping new readers join in on the story, or kick starting new, interesting stories that would be boring or impossible if they relied too much on the past….at these times, comic creators will do something like this:


And there’s a missing year in the lives of our heroes.  So we get to see how they’re a little different, they have some surprises in store, they are not entirely the people we have come to know, but we are a little excited about the mysteries that will unfold in their lives.  So we read on, excited about the stories to come, but also hoping that they will reveal a little bit about what happened during that un-seen year.

I have a blog. I go to seminary. I’m trying to get by in the world.  I left America for a year.  Now I’m back.

ONE YEAR LATER…to be continued…very soon.


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