Gone Fishing

This week is the United Church of Christ General Synod in Tampa, Florida.  And I get to go!  Which means I get to travel a lot.  If you read this on the day it is published, then I am currently in London, walking around seeing the sights during my 28 hour layover, and I’ll arrive in Florida on Thursday.  This is both awesome and incredibly draining.  I really enjoy traveling, but as I’ve experienced a couple times now, crossing the international dateline makes you feel like you’re actually time traveling.  Time Cop style (as in, you can feel like you’re slammed against a cement wall).  I still don’t believe in jet lag…but I am a firm believer that when you cross the international dateline, you should lie on a beach for two days and drink Mai Tais.  And do nothing else.  So here’s hoping that I adjust quickly enough to enjoy and work at General Synod, and not just sit around in a dazed state of confusion, my eye lids slowly drooping downward.

While I’m gone, it’s my goal to write at least one or two blog posts specifically about General Synod.  I’m going as a delegate, which I’ve never done before, and it seems like an interesting time for me to get to know the church that I am training to serve.

But in the meantime…BIG NEWS:  I have recently started a new blog/experiment that’s all about making healthier choices and trying to put myself on the right track for the rest of my adult life.  It’s called “To the Next 30 Years,” and you can click here to read it.  Traveling across countries sets me up for the first real experiment of the blog, “How do I make healthy daily decisions–for myself and the environment–when traveling?” So I will also be updating that blog on a (practically) daily basis.  I invite you to check it out over the next few days, and see if you enjoy it.  Also, if you have a Kindle, you can subscribe to that blog and have it automatically delivered on your Kindle by clicking here (there’s a two week free trial)!  I’m attempting to find ways of earning money that fit within my current lifestyle (school makes having a 9-5 really difficult), so if you care to support that effort, feel free. 🙂

Hope all is well in your world.  Can’t wait to get back next week, update here, and dig in to my last few weeks in Germany.

See you soon (if you’re in Tampa, anyway…or London)!


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