Bunch of Strange: May’s Swan Song and the Coming of June!

Germany is, essentially, beautiful.  This is not up for debate.  It is a gorgeous, lush sprawl of green that comes in shades I never knew existed outside of a Crayola Crayon box.  That beauty, however, comes with a cost.  There are times when Germany is plagued with what I am affectionately calling “Gray Day Time Suck of Sadness.”  What does this mean?  Glad you asked.

This is what the outside looked like at 7:30 in the morning one day (complete with time stamp!)

This is what it looked like twelve hours later:

That continued for three days.  For three days, it was either pitch black night, or THAT.  Three days of constant, exact same gray time suck light.  This is…not OK.  I understand that Germany is not the only place with this unfortunate condition…but it is the first place I have ever lived where this happens.  It is very strange.  Especially since, on sunny days, the summer sun takes 18 hours to traverse the sky, which makes you feel strange in the complete opposite way of Gray Time Suck (GTS)…it makes you feel euphoric, like you are living in some strange, vivid fantasy world filled with song and chocolate, where there is no darkness and everyone smiles.  GTS just makes you feel like you are living the same grey, humid, timeless day over and over and over.  Because you are.  And it sucks.

Fortunately, my life is jam-packed with things that leave me too busy and tired to spend too much time reflecting on God’s practical joke that is hot and cloudy days.  Jamie and Oscar were here last week, and we saw…everything.  We did…everything.  It was fantastic to see them, and it was especially awesome to discover talents with the German language that I never even knew I had.  It is one of those things where you don’t even realize how much you have learned until you find yourself in a situation with just two non-German speakers and having to say to others, “Sorry, we did not mean to steal your shopping bag,” and “Sorry, she is wanting Ranch dressing for her french fries…yes, I know you don’t have that, it is a salad dressing.  Yes, I know salad dressing on french fries sounds terrible.  She will have ketchup.  Oh, wait…ok…she will have nothing.  Sorry.”  I swear, I said all those things in German.  Didn’t even know I knew how.

In 20 minutes, it will be 5:57 in the morning, and Inka and I, along with most of the seminary, will be heading to the far west of Germany for Der Kirchentag, which is a giant church festival for EVERY church in Germany.  It will last for five days.  Among my favorite quotes as we were all preparing to leave, “Bring those for snacks, we’ll be so drunk we will want food!”  That’s right…big church event…drinking…church outside of US Puritan roots is quite alright by me.  I’m excited about Der Kirchentag, excited to walk around an awesome city (it’s in Dresden!  Who would have thought I would be returning there?), hang out with friends (it will be like the end of a video game, where nearly everyone I have met throughout this year will randomly pop up at various times), including my advisor from Andover Newton, Mark Burrows who got me hooked up with this program in the first place.  It will also be an interesting prologue for when I attend the UCC General Synod in July.  Yeah, that’s right, I get to travel to and from America yet again before the year is over.  Pretty awesome.  General Synod is….sort of like Kirchentag but only for my denomination, I think there’s far more church “business” that takes place at General Synod than Kirchentag, and…there’s drinking, but it’s not as out in the open.  I mean, you have to go to bars to do it.  You can’t just have a beer during outside worship.  Which is what I will be doing in about twelve hours.  Just saying.  Although, General Synod is in Tampa, so…not complaining about having to be indoors.  But I digress….it will be interesting to compare and contrast giant church gatherings..because I like stuff like that.

So, happy June!  What a Happy June it will be!  Just like May!  I can’t believe my life sometimes!  Need to go learn witty churchy jokes in German.  Have a great week!

I can’t believe my life.  It’s awesome.


One thought on “Bunch of Strange: May’s Swan Song and the Coming of June!

  1. It doesnt go nein geit, vo es zie ranch? geesh americanaver! hehehehe taht was sooo funny. und danke danke felin dank….ohhh chopping bags,…hey we should make people buy them too, or just make you bring them form home becuase plastic bags are really sooo silly and out of control….hmmm I will get on that…I am glad you are having drunken church fun right now, take lots of pictures!!!! Jamie (PS sorry about the GTS, Houston does that too, get a sunlamp:))

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