Great Idea From Germany #23: This Toilet!

Look at this Toilet (just bare with me).   What do you see? 

Perhaps this can give you a hint?

Yes, that’s right.  I found a urinal that flushes via a foot pedal!  

You walk in, you use the bathroom, you flush the toilet, you wash your hands, you leave, and at NO POINT does your hand come into contact with the bodily fluids of others.  I’m not really into the whole “germs are bad,” thing.  I think my approach to germs and gross things in general has been pretty much, “Huh?”  BUT, I just love how much sense this makes.  Your shoes come into contact with all kinds of gross things that you’ll never know about all day long.  WHY needlessly force your hand to do the same thing?  Just use the shoe!  In America, if you want to take this approach, you have to kick really high up and frantically attack the top of the urinal like a maniac (which I have had to do in some drastically un-kept gas station toilets.  I’m not naming names, but, seriously Pilot Gas Station outside Cheyenne, WY come on!). In Germany, they have mastered the technology of, “push the dirty button with your dirty shoe.  Welcome to civilization.”

Thanks, Germany.  Until we all listen to Christopher McDougall and accept that the future of footwear is to get rid of it entirely, this is a fantastic, sensible, and potentially hygeinic invention that everyone should copy.


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