Germany Makes Good Signs

Have I mentioned how well labeled Germany is?  I mean that literally.  As opposed to Boston, where you can go to many intersections in which a street with no name intersects another street with no name, here, you can’t help but know where you are.

Whether you are looking for cross walks

or castles …or therapy…

everything is very clearly marked.  It is quite nice.  Even when you go to castles, they have very clear signs indicating the famous visitors they have had before:

So, now me, Redman, and Method Man…apparently have something in common.  We’ve all been to Nassau, Germany.  Or, at least, we have our names carved into the same castle wall there.

(Author’s Note: No castle walls were actually harmed for the purpose of this blog entry.)


One thought on “Germany Makes Good Signs

  1. your beard looks good, and I am glad you can find things and didnt grafitti a wall and cause an international castle endangering incident! phewwww good thing it wasnt me, I dooo love drawing on things, and have very few qualms with graffitti overall….

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