Went North for the week and found a Posting Schedule

ruegen005.jpg (19376 Byte)

You know what you don’t hear about, but you really should?  Northern Germany.  It’s like Florida beaches crossed with the fishing towns of Main, and zero humidity.  Oceans, lush green spaces, lots of wild life and light towers, warm sun and cool breeze.  Sehr schöne!  More pictures coming soon, but first some rest.  Molenfeuer Ost und West in Sassnitz, Rügen

Also, for those who are interested, I have decided on a posting schedule beginning in October when I am officially moved into the dorm at Wuppertal and have regular access to the internet.  So, here is your fall viewing schedule so that you know when to catch topics that may interest you:

As of October 1, 2010:

Monday/Montag: Spiritual Reflections and Prayers–As I said before, it is important for me to be intentional this year about reflecting and building on my theological understandings.  So I figure why not invite others to be a part of that conversation.  I will usually use the common lectionary texts, so maybe it can also be a fun opportunity to see how different communities of faith are discussing and reflecting on these same topics and texts.

Wednesday/Mittwoch: Activities and Experiences–I will list at least a couple of the things I am up to each week, places I am going, activities that I am taking on, classes, friends, food, festivals, etc.

Friday/Freitag–Wochenende Round Up!–This will be whatever fun thing I have on my mind for the week, cultural musings, pop-news from Germany, whatever is on my mind at the time.  If you liked the entry about TV (Jamie, apparently) then this will be a fun day for you too.

Weekends will usually be spent traveling and having fun at various “fests,” there is literally three or four every week.  I will be catching up with family and friends in the states at various times throughout the week, so let me know when might work for you and we can come up with a regular routine.  Wow.  I guess my year is all planned out, huh?  Bets on how long this schedule will hold up?


One thought on “Went North for the week and found a Posting Schedule

  1. I am very excited about your schedule, is somewhatmtardy reading it. Also I just read this book called the vanishing of katrina lind, which was written by an Englishwaman who had lived in Germanny and has tons of german legends and words scattered through it, very very fun if somewhat horrifying but in a distant fairy-tailish way-story. You should read it (also, the america version has a really really pretty cover)

    hey I miss youuuuuuuu

    love youuuuu
    me, who should be doing microbiology, and maybe will in a minute…..

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